Triathlon swimming is diffrent from pool swimming. It requiers diffrent skills and techniques to be successfull. 


Through this three part class you will be introduced to diffrent scenarios and learn the tactics needed to counquer them. Learn the swim drills that are most important to triathlon. We will discuss techniques and watch videos before hopping in the pool to practice them with real time feedback from a skilled coach. 


The class will take place on Saturday December 14th, 21st, and 28th 8-10am at the Wichita Swim Club. This class is desinged to take you to the next level in swimming and help you to become a more rounded triathlete. See you in the pool!

Triathlon Swim Skills

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    Tuesday - 6:30-8pm - Bike

    Wednesday - 6-7:30pm - Run

    Thursday - 6:30-8pm - Bike

    Saturday - 7am - Bike

    Sunday - 7am - Run