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We are a fast paced gravel cycling series. Held on the gravel back roads around Wichita, KS. Short course and fast paced. Think of us as the crit racing of the gravel world. 

Started in 2002 the series consists of 3 draft legal circuits, 1 non-draft legal time trial, and a championship race. All races take place in the fall and start at noon. 



This is one of the longest running gravel race series in the country. Started by the Bicycle X-Change crew in 2002 as a unique way to challenge road and off road racers alike. 

The 2021 series has 4 different and unique races. Each race is set on a course of 5 to 6 miles and consist of multiple laps. There are 2 men and women's category's, single speed, mens and women's masters, mens grand masters, along with an open C category. The "A" category is for the racer that wants the full Big Ring experience in the most competitive environment. The "B" category is for the racer that is still competitive but doesn't have the power or skill to mix it up in the full "A" race. The single speed is for those that think a selection of gearing makes it to easy. The masters class is for men and women aged 50+. The grand masters is for men 60+. The "Open C" category is for those that want to be apart of the race but in a non competitive way. Men's/women's A will start together. Men's/women's B will start together. Single speed, masters and grand masters will start together. The open C will start on its own. Awards will be distributed to the top 3 in each of the following categories. Men's/Women's A & B, Single speed, men's/women's masters class, and mens grand masters. 

The courses are set on true Kansas gravel roads. They range from concrete smooth to bone jarring chunky and can vary from year to year depending on maintenance and weather. Most of the courses are on main roads but they can still become muddy if it rains. The race will go on even in rain, snow, sleet, and sun. Please plan you clothing appropriately.


There are no bike regulations and it's a run what you bring race. Most racers will be riding some kind of gravel bike. Durable gravel tires are highly recommended. All courses are open and could have traffic on them. It is your responsibility to obey all traffic laws and be safe. All of the courses are remote locations and do not have bathroom services. Please plan accordingly.

As the race organizers we reserve the right to change or modify anything about the race as we see fit. 

2021 COVID-19 Protocol
We will be taking the following added precautions for the 2021 event:  

  • We ask that everyone maintain a 6 foot separation during the event when not racing. 

  • Masks are optional for those fully vaccinated when not racing although we recommend that anyone that wants to ware a mask to please do so.

  • There will be a mandatory pre race check in 11 to 11:45am the day of the race.  Please come early to avoid creating a line. Keep a 6 foot separation.

  • The event will be chip timed.  The top 3 in every category will be scored in the order they cross the finish line.  

  • You may start any time AFTER your category wave launch but your time starts with your waves time and you will be scored according to your chip finish time. All riders will be required to start by 12:15pm. 

  • Awards will be presented immediately after the third place rider finishes. Award recipients will be a minimum of 6 feet apart. 

  • Thanks for choosing to race in the Big Ring Gravel! ​

Big Ring Gravel presented by Bicycle X-Change is a gravel circuit race series around the Wichita Kansas surrounding area.

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whitewater falls loop

This 6.5 mile loop will challenge your bike skills. With 2 doglegs per lap and rough minimum maintenance roads you will need to be on your game. Then if it rains the mud will be a new level of challenging. Parking will be at the Whitewater Falls Stock Barn. 433 NW Falls Rd Towanda, KS


Augusta Airport loop

A fan favorite back this year. This is a 6 mile square loop with one switchback climb and one long grinder with a kicker at the top. There are several tricky turns to test your skills. This stage will serve as our Gravel TT.  Every rider will complete 3 laps against the clock. This is a time trial start with each rider going off approximately every 15-30 seconds. No drafting on this one. Parking at the airport 4800 W. Beech drive, Augusta, KS. 


Gordon Loop

This is a 5.2 mile loop winding around the Walnut river. It is a scenic course with a very tricky and tough switch back that finishes off with a long false flat. Test your descending skills on the back side of the course with a long gradual drop. Parking is located in Gordon, KS in the gravel lot in front of the maintenance shed. 16231 SW Hunter Rd. Augusta, KS.


Windfield loop

One of the most challenging courses in the Big Ring arsenal. We saved the best for last! It has one the most elevation gain of all the Big Ring loops. Make sure your small ring is working! With more than just one short punchy climb your going to need it. Parking will be along 141st Rd at 19720 141st Rd, Windfield, KS 67156.